Fundamentally designed for specificity, Battle the original allows you to perform exercises that simulate the high intensity movements found in sports and in life. Exercises that adopt the body positions, range of movements, muscle contraction speeds, and application times found in real sports and real life.

The majority of high intensity movements found in sports, and in life, begin where we push off the ground, transmitting that fundamental action to our body or parts of our body (e.g.  sprinting or hitting).Battle the original is designed to add resistance to that process, and thus actions like pulling or pushing can be practiced repetitively and in a way that most closely resembles real sports and real life.

With Battle, let your imagination set the limits on your training. Battle will help you improve your ability to accelerate, turn, jump, push with your hands, hit with one hand, pull with one or two hands, etc. Inherent in its design, Battle the original will also work your core in the most functional way possible­–mimicking the real life demands on stability that we encounter when working, and playing, on our feet.

Battle the original works by means of a fixed resistance transmitted by a 23-meter, inextensible traction belt. The Battle offers 20 resistance levels from 4 to 56.5 Kilograms. The traction belt can be attached to various accessories in order to apply the resistance to different parts of the user’s body. Thus, Battle the original offers an incredible variety of resistance training exercises. Every millimeter of the traction belt’s displacement is monitored, and, at the end of each repetition, the machine gives feedback on maximal and average speeds.








Mono and Bilateral traction straps

Use this accessory to train pushing and pulling with one hand, two hands, or alternating hands by using the pulley system.


Portable battery that is easily removed and attached to the machine. A fully charged battery will provide up to 4 hours of continuous use without connecting to an electrical supply. Sold separately.

Battle4Run harness

This harness will allow you to attach the Battle4Run to your waist or torso when training sprints (both forward and backwards) and direction changes.

Pull/Push bar

This convenient 120cm folding bar has two openings, one on either end, for attaching one or two carabiners. Ideal for pushing or pulling in bilateral or multiple planes.

Outdoor protective housing

This outdoor protective housing will let you safely keep your Battle4Run permanently outdoors. Designed to withstand the worst weather conditions, the user-friendly set-up and design will allow you to use your Battle4Run outdoors every day of the year. (Available separately)


  • Model : Battle the original
  • Dimensions: 819 x 649 x 1012 mm
  • Packaging dimensions: 900 x 700 x 780 mm
  • Machine weight with weight / without battery: 128 Kg
  • Machine weight without weight: 100 kg
  • Removable weight: 28 Kg
  • Battery weight: 7,5 Kg
  • Voltage / Power Watts: 230V – 50 Hz / 20W
  • Plug type Connection: C13
  • Connection cable: Shucko a C13
  • Traction belt length: 23m
  • Traction belt collection: Retractable
  • Break type: Electromechanical
  • Transportation: Wheels and handlebars
  • Height adjustment: Side handles


Designed to be tough, the Battle4Run will withstand even the most intense training sessions. Built on a steel chassis with galvanized coverings and heavy-duty paint, the Battle4Run has been outfitted with robust industrial grade electronics and an anti-slip system that provides excellent traction on almost any surface. The machine’s traction belt is capable of withstanding 15kN of force and provides 23 meters of constant resistance as defined by the user. The Battle4Run has been designed for simplicity and only requires the user to select a resistance level in order to begin training. The traction belt’s movements are constantly monitored giving maximum and average velocity readings after every movement.